Saturday, February 21, 2015

My picture and article on me in Indian Express

My picture  and article on me in Indian Express

 It says
Suspended from a pink, silk rope that can take up to 300 kg of weight, Delhi-based fitness trainer Kiran Sawhney effortlessly does a couple of slow somersaults. “If you watch me closely, you’ll notice how Aerial Yoga wonderfully works on my entire upper body. It stretches the spine perfectly and boosts blood circulation. Since some of the asanas are done in anti-gravity mode, with little or no floor support, it uses the muscles of the body in a way that other forms may not,” says she. Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga poses with aerial art, pilates and dance. This form is meant to increase physical flexibility and strength, and perfect deep breathing which has a calming effect on the mind. In Canada, Germany, the UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland, China, the US and also India, anti-gravity yoga has become an alternative total-body workout. Says Kiran: “People want change. Traditional yoga is great because it forms the core of all other kinds of yoga, but it can be quite monotonous. In Aerial Yoga, for instance, you’re hanging up there, only using the support of your body, feeling as though you’ve taken flight. It’s accelerating and gives you an instant rush that conventional yoga may not.” 

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