Monday, January 12, 2015

Delhi fashion Blogger

For the people who are new on this blog, let me introduce myself. 
I run 4 businesses, which are separate entities completely.

1. I run a personal training fitness centre in Delhi. You can see the website here. I am well known in the field of fitness as a personal fitness trainer.
2. I teach Argentine Tango. You can see the websites here and here.
As a part of the same, I also organize milonga (tango dance socials) and manufacture and export tango shoes.
3. I am a professional blogger. I started my main blog back in 2008. Slowly it became so big and now there is a small team that works on it day and night. It is now primarily Bollywood fashion blog or you can say Celebrity fashion blog. 
4. I export hand woven Indian saris.

Phew! lots of things going on. 

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